OXOID 胰蛋白胨(LP0042)

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  • 产品名称:OXOID 胰蛋白胨
  • 产品别称:Tryptone
  • 货号:LP0042
  • 价格:502元/500g


中文名(CN)英文名(EN)CAS No.产地(From)类别(K
胰蛋白胨Tryptone (Microbiologically tested)91079-40-2OXOID-LP0042

英文名称IRON PEPTONATE;Peptones, casein;Iron Peptonate NF
MDL识别号Null,without related properties.
BeilsteinNull,without related properties.
分子式Null,without related properties.
分子量Null,without related properties.
产品性状黄色或浅褐色粉末,参考溶解度:100 MG/ML.


Code: LP0042

Tryptone is a pancreatic digest of casein. It can be used in any formulation where a pancreatic or tryptic digest of casein is specified. Casein is the main protein of milk and is a rich source of amino acid nitrogen. The profile shows a broad spread of peaks throughout the molecular weight range characteristic of a pancreatic digest. This hydrolysate is often mentioned in published works, either as a constituent of culture media for metabolic or growth studies, or for other purposes where high performance and uniformity of composition are of paramount importance. It has a high tryptophan content and is therefore used in media for testing the indole reaction.Tryptone can detect `flat-sour’ or `sulphide’ spoilage organisms in the canning industry and is also used in sterility testing media.It is a constituent of media used in fermentation processes to produce antibiotics, extra-cellular protein, interferon and diphtheria toxoid.

Typical analysis(% w/w)Total Nitrogen13.3Amino Nitrogen3.7Sodium chloride0.4pH (2% solution)7.3 ± 0.2

储存条件常温密封避光保存,Stored in cool, dry and airproof.

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